China Good quality Senior toys CZPT DC gear 12V electrical motor with RoHS with Hot selling

Solution Description

Senior toys CZPT DC equipment 12V electrical motor with RoHS

Primary Attributes:
one.OEM/ODM 16mm gearbox in addition 030&050 permanent magnet DC motor
two.Tiny measurement dc equipment motor with minimal pace and large torque
three.16mm gear motor supply .05Nm torque and much more reputable
four.Suited to little diameter, lower sound and large torque application
5.Dc gear motors can match encoder,3ppr
6.Reduction ratio:3,10,seventeen,twenty,35,sixty three,86,115,a hundred and fifty,250,360




Gear motor specialized information : GM16-050SH-13120-xxx


Gear motor specialized info : GM16-050SH-5710xxx

Equipment motor complex data : GM16-050SH-08240-xxx

Merchandise Application
Automatic doorway operators, computerized CZPT preserving tub,electrical managed valve,oxygen device,optical tools, Automat cordless electricity instrument,lights,and so forth.
1.Accessory of automobile 
two.Paper feed
3.Broadly used  in automatic actuator,electrical lock
4.Electricity Lock,Check
five.Precision instrument
6.Mini system,Robot
7.Economic apparatus,vehicle DVD
8.Economic apparatus, Ad products


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Packing & Shipping and delivery
Packaging: single carton packing, a hundred parts per box.
Shipping time:
DHL: 3-5 doing work days
UPS: 5-7 working days
TNT: 5-7 working days
FedEx: 7-9 operating days
EMS: 12-fifteen working days
China Put up: Relies upon on ship to which country
Sea: Is dependent on ship to which country
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TT Motor (HK) Industrial Co., Ltd. has been specializing in micro motors, gear motors and their respective parts since 2000.
Our products are widely used in entertainment systems, automobiles, home and industrial appliances and tools and many others. Our products are dependable and long-lasting, and backed by years of experience. We export 98% of our output worldwide. 
By leveraging our hard-won reputation for honesty, dependability and quality, TT aims to continue as a pioneer in the sales overseas by seeking global partners. If your company is an end-user of micro-motors, a distributor or an agent, please contact us. We look forward to being able to work together with you in the near future.



Q: How to purchase?
A: send out us inquiry → receive our quotation → negotiate particulars → confirn the sample → indicator contract/deposit → mass generation → cargo all set → stability/supply → more cooperation.
Q: How about Sample get?
A: Sample is offered for you. make sure you speak to us for information. As soon as we charge you sample price, you should come to feel effortless, it would be refund when you location formal purchase.
Q: Which transport way is avaliable?
A: DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS, China Put up,Sea are offered.The other delivery approaches are also obtainable, you should contact us if you want ship by the other shipping and delivery way. 
Q: How long is the supply[Creating] and delivery?
A: Devliver time is dependent on the amount you buy. normally it takes 15-25 functioning times.
Q: My bundle has lacking goods. What do I do?
A: You should speak to our assist group and we will confirm your purchase with the package contents.We apologize for any inconveniences. 
Q: How to confirm the payment?
A: We accept payment by T/T, PayPal, the other payment methods also could be settle for,Remember to contact us just before you shell out by the other payment methods. Also thirty-fifty% deposit is available, the harmony cash should by paid out just before shipping.

What Is a Gear Motor?

A gear motor is an electric powered motor coupled with a equipment practice. It utilizes possibly DC or AC electrical power to attain its purpose. The main benefit of a gear reducer is its potential to multiply torque even though keeping a compact measurement. The trade-off of this additional torque arrives in the form of a decreased output shaft velocity and general efficiency. Nonetheless, suitable gear technology and ratios supply optimum output and pace profiles. This sort of motor unlocks the full potential of OEM tools.

Inertial load

Inertial load on a gear motor is the volume of pressure a rotating device makes owing to its inverse square romantic relationship with its inertia. The increased the inertia, the much less torque can be produced by the equipment motor. Nonetheless, if the inertia is way too substantial, it can cause difficulties with positioning, settling time, and managing torque and velocity. Gear ratios ought to be chosen for ideal electrical power transfer.
The duration of acceleration and braking time of a equipment motor is dependent on the sort of driven load. An inertia load requires for a longer time acceleration time whilst a friction load demands breakaway torque to start the load and sustain it at its desired velocity. Too brief a time period of time can result in extreme equipment loading and could result in damaged gears. A protected approach is to disconnect the load when electricity is disconnected to prevent inertia from driving back again by way of the output shaft.
Inertia is a elementary idea in the layout of motors and push programs. The ratio of mass and inertia of a load to a motor establishes how well the motor can handle its pace in the course of acceleration or deceleration. The mass instant of inertia, also named rotational inertia, is dependent on the mass, geometry, and centre of mass of an object.


There are several purposes of equipment motors. They provide a strong but successful indicates of velocity and torque manage. They can be possibly AC or DC, and the two most frequent motor kinds are the three-stage asynchronous and the long term magnet synchronous servomotor. The kind of motor used for a given application will decide its price, trustworthiness, and complexity. Equipment motors are typically utilized in purposes exactly where higher torque is required and room or energy constraints are considerable.
There are two kinds of equipment motors. Depending on the ratio, each and every gear has an output shaft and an enter shaft. Gear motors use hydraulic strain to make torque. The pressure builds on 1 facet of the motor until it generates enough torque to energy a rotating load. This kind of motors is not advised for applications where load reversals arise, as the keeping torque will diminish with age and shaft vibration. Even so, it can be utilized for precision applications.
The market landscape displays the aggressive setting of the gear motor industry. This report also highlights essential products, cash flow and benefit generation by location and place. The report also examines the competitive landscape by region, such as the United States, China, India, the GCC, South Africa, Brazil, and the rest of the globe. It is important to observe that the report includes phase-particular information, so that viewers can effortlessly recognize the industry potential of the geared motors market place.


The security aspect, or SF, of a equipment motor is an crucial thing to consider when deciding on a single for a distinct software. It compensates for the stresses placed on the gearing and permits it to operate at maximum efficiency. Companies provide tables detailing normal applications, with multiplication variables for responsibility. A gear motor with a SF of three or a lot more is suitable for tough apps, while a gearmotor with a SF of one or two is suited for reasonably easy apps.
The world-wide gear motor marketplace is highly fragmented, with several small players catering to different finish-use industries. The report identifies numerous industry trends and provides complete details on the industry. It outlines historical data and gives beneficial insights on the industry. The report also employs numerous methodologies and techniques to evaluate the marketplace. In addition to supplying historic knowledge, it consists of comprehensive info by market phase. In-depth evaluation of market place segments is presented to aid recognize which technologies will be most appropriate for which apps.


A equipment motor is an electrical motor that is paired with a gear train. They are offered in AC or DC electricity systems. When compared to traditional motors, equipment reducers can optimize torque even though sustaining compact dimensions. But the trade-off is the reduced output shaft velocity and all round efficiency. Nonetheless, when used appropriately, a gear motor can make optimum output and mechanical suit. To understand how a equipment motor functions, let’s search at two sorts: right-angle geared motors and inline geared motors. The very first two varieties are generally used in automation equipment and in agricultural and medical programs. The latter type is made for rugged programs.
In addition to its performance, DC gear motors are area-conserving and have low power use. They can be used in a number of purposes like money counters and printers. Automated window devices and curtains, glass curtain walls, and banknote vending machines are some of the other significant programs of these motors. They can cost up to ten horsepower, which is a good deal for an industrial machine. Even so, these are not all-out high-priced.
Electric powered equipment motors are versatile and broadly utilized. Nevertheless, they do not work nicely in applications necessitating high shaft velocity and torque. Examples of these contain conveyor drives, frozen beverage machines, and health-related resources. These purposes need high shaft velocity, so equipment motors are not best for these apps. Nevertheless, if sounds and other problems are not a concern, a motor-only remedy could be the far better option. This way, you can use a one motor for several programs.


Geared motors are between the most frequent gear used for push trains. Proper routine maintenance can avoid injury and maximize their effectiveness. A guide to gear motor servicing is obtainable from WEG. To prevent even more damage, stick to these routine maintenance methods:
Regularly examine electrical connections. Check for unfastened connections and torque them to the advisable values. Also, check out the contacts and relays to make sure they are not tangled or ruined. Check the setting around the equipment motor to avert dust from clogging the passageway of electrical existing. A proper maintenance program will assist you determine troubles and prolong their life. The guide will also explain to you about any troubles with the gearmotor. Even so, this is not sufficient – it is crucial to check out the problem of the gearbox and its parts.
Perform visible inspection. The objective of visible inspection is to notice any irregularities that may point out achievable troubles with the equipment motor. A filthy motor might be an indication of a rough surroundings and a good deal of troubles. You can also execute a scent check. If you can smell a burned odor coming from the windings, there may possibly be an overheating dilemma. Overheating can cause the windings to burn up and hurt.
Reactive routine maintenance is the most widespread technique of motor servicing. In this variety of maintenance, you only carry out repairs if the motor stops operating thanks to a malfunction. Regular inspection is needed to stay away from sudden motor failures. By utilizing a logbook to document motor functions, you can establish when it is time to replace the equipment motor. In contrast to preventive upkeep, reactive routine maintenance requires no standard assessments or companies. Even so, it is advised to complete inspections each and every 6 months.

China Good quality Senior toys CZPT DC gear 12V electrical motor with RoHS     with Hot sellingChina Good quality Senior toys CZPT DC gear 12V electrical motor with RoHS     with Hot selling